Rules are Made to be Broken

As some of you may know, I have some rules I try to follow when I am out photographing:

Rule 1:  If it has a mother and a face – don’t photograph it!

Rule 2: If you can’t drive to it – f**k it!

Well, today I broke both rules. Read More

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Wired, or travel in the digital age!

Remember when, if you were a traveling photographer, it was very simple? You packed up all your camera gear, loaded a bag with film and away you went! Boy have things changed in the digital age. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go back. But, really!

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Six Questions to Ask When You Want to Buy Photography as Art

Two decorative photographs


You are at an art show, or perhaps a gallery and you see a photograph on display that catches your interest. You are considering buying it for your home or office. Before you plunk down your credit card there are several questions that you should ask.


Not that many years ago the concept of framing art in an acid free environment was not nearly as well accepted as it is today. I have a few pieces in my collection that had corrugated cardboard behind the picture and mat board that had a brown core that was not archival. Read More

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An Experiment … in More Ways Than One

By now you will have realized that my blog looks quite a bit different. I made the change in order for it to blend in more with my new website. I am quite pleased with the result. I want to thank Tim Mitra, my    It-Guy and my friend Chris Hutcheson for helping me to get it all set up. I am always open to comments, and constructive criticism. So, let me have your thoughts! Read More

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I was Gone … Now I’m Back

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting here lately. It’s not from lack of interest. There have been many changes going on and, as a consequence, I lost touch with my blog for a while! It disappeared into the ether and I was afraid that I would never get it back.

Well, you’re reading this so I found it (or at least my It-Guy found it and brought it home.) It all came about when I migrated my website to a new platform in Photoshelter. Read More

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The Times, They are Changing…

Do you remember the time when, if you asked someone if they had a website and they answered “No” you weren’t shocked? Now, everybody and his cat has a website. Or, in the case of the cat, at least a Facebook page!

I got my first website some 8-9 years ago. When I look back at what it was like, I cringe. But, back then it was very up to date. How things change! Read More

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Two Degrees of Separation

As I write this it is Saturday, the first day of RAW. It began with a LOT of rain – and ended with a fascinating encounter. Let me enlarge … Read More

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Open Again after 10 Years

Arcade and Clock

This last weekend the R. C. Harris Filtration Plant opened its doors to the public for the first time since 9/11. I (and many hundreds of others) took advantage of this rare opportunity to go inside again. They allowed photography … Read the rest of this entry

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Reading the Mind of the Jury

Soaring the Fall

This morning I learned that this image was chosen for a Special Recognition Award in the Light, Space & Time Online Gallery competition for May. It was a good surprise to wake up to! There were almost 500 entries from around the world and in many media, so it seems that my photograph was in the top 12% of the submissions.
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Nervous Excitement and Anticipation

photograph of graffiti made by a moving camera


As you may know I have had my Walking Abstract portfolio of photographs in the can for 6 months now. However, they have never been seen by the art buying public! I have used them successfully to get into the art shows this year and (except for the cost of getting me and my art there) was to have had a show of these photographs in Budapest in mid June. Read More

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